Woman Volunteer of the Year (WVOY) 2018

Woman Volunteer of the Year (WVOY) 2018

About This Event

We are delighted to announce that Gail Wasserman is our nominee for the Junior League Woman Volunteer of the Year. There are two ways in which you can show your appreciation of her efforts in raising funds to help Unicorn Children’s Foundation.

1. You are invited to join us in this celebration! Tickets are available for $125 per person. The Woman Volunteer of the Year Luncheon is on Friday, November 16th at 10:00 a.m. at the Boca Raton Resort & Club. Saks will present a Fashion Show. Please let us know by August 31 to secure your seat.

2. Consider placing a program ad honoring her efforts on her behalf. Contact wvoy@jlbr.org for more details.

We truly appreciate the efforts and commitment of all of our volunteers and our incredibly grateful to Gail for her dedication and commitment to helping individuals with special needs excel in their communities.

Location / Venue

Unicorn Children's Foundation

Event to Support Unicorn Children's Foundation

Unicorn Children's Foundation is an international non-profit organization dedicated to children and young adults with developmental, communication, and learning disorders through education, awareness, and research so that they have every opportunity to lead productive and fulfilling lives.


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