Special Percs Café©

Special Percs Café©

About This Campaign

Special Percs© will be a social enterprise that will provide:
(a) sustainable funding in invest in future programs for children with special needs;
(b) vocational training and employment options for individuals with special needs;
(c) a high quality customer experience in a competitive high-demand industry, and;
(d) a culture where diversity is not just accepted, but is celebrated.

Special Percs© will be more than a favorite neighborhood coffee shop, it will train, teach and employ young people with special needs who want to work. Special Percs© will create a path for individuals with special needs to become more valued, accepted and included within the community through meaningful employment options, as well as give their lives meaning and purpose one cup at a time. Special Percs will develop tax-payers rather than tax-burdens and provide their families with the comfort of knowing that their special loved one will have natural supports in the community.

Our featured coffee roaster is Mammoth Coffee Roasting Company©, a philanthropic roasting company, who not only produces an outstanding product but gives back to humanity one roast at a time, and has demonstrated a commitment to supporting children with special needs by donating a percentage of sales to further support our goal of helping kids and young adults with special needs excel in the community. Please consider a donation today or show your support by joining Mammoth’s Coffee Club. Enroll in the Coffee Club (FREE) at MammothCoffeeRoastingCo.com, and receive 15% off your order. Any time you order coffee with Mammoth Coffee Roasting Co., 20% of all sales directly benefit Unicorn Children's Foundation. You MUST use discount code 'Unicorn" at checkout.

We are a 23 year old local 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that is creating cradle to career pathways for individuals with special needs. We are looking to expand by developing a social enterprise, a coffee shop, in the area that will (a) provide vocational training; (b) provide supportive employment opportunities, (c) produce sustainable revenue to invest in future programs; (d) provide a high-quality customer experience in a competitive industry, and: (e) create a culture where differences are not simply accepted but are celebrated. We would like assistance with the business plan development, financing and capital, and possibly franchising in the future.
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