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The Training Program is a nine month internship program for people with disabilities. It is targeted for individuals whose goal is competitive employment. The program takes place in a healthcare, government or business setting where total immersion in the workplace facilitates the teaching and learning process as well as the acquisition of employability and marketable work skills. Interns participate in three internships to explore a variety of career paths. The interns work with a team that includes their family, an instructor, and local and state agencies to create an employment goal.

BENEFITS of the Project SEARCH Model:

Benefits to the Students:
  • Participate in a variety of internships within the host hospital / business
  • Acquire competitive, transferable and marketable job skills
  • Gain increased independence, confidence, and self esteem
  • Obtain work based individualized coaching, instruction and feedback
  • Develop linkages to Vocational Rehabilitation and other adult service agencies

Benefits to the Business:
  • Access to a new, diverse, talent stream with skills that match labor needs
  • Gain intern/ employee with disabilities who serve as a role model for customers
  • Access to a demographic of the economy with intense buying power: people with disabilities represent one of the fastest growing market segments in the United States
  • Experience increased regional and national recognition through marketing of this unique program
  • Increased performance and retention in high-turnover, entry-level positions

For more information about Project SEARCH, please visit: www.projectsearch.us.

To learn more check out the new “Project SEARCH 101,” a 20-minute introductory course to the model. This video version of Project SEARCH 101 is available to the general public. It can be can be accessed via this page of the Project SEARCH website: http://projectsearch.us/EDUCATION/ProjectSEARCHAcademy.aspx

To view an informational video, click on this link,
http://youtu.be/rsHi_-4iylk; or, complete an internet search for key words James Varnum Award - Project SEARCH.

Unicorn Project SEARCH Contact:
Sharon Alexander, M.H.Sc.

Evelyn Falconer


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