Your Chance to Win a Pedego Element Electric Bike

Your Chance to Win a Pedego Element Electric Bike

About This Event

Only 100 chance tickets available!

Redeemable at Pedego Boca.

The new Pedego Element gives you the biggest bang for your buck. Enjoy the premium quality & local service that Pedego is famous for.

The Pedego Element can fit people of all shapes and sizes. You may be surprised by how well it handles and how comfortable you feel.

What really sets the Element apart is it's supercharged performance.

A state-of-the-art 48 Volt battery uses the same advanced lithium-ion cells as an electric car. It weighs less than a house cat and can take you up to 40 miles on about 10 cents worth of electricity.
A whisper quiet, 500 watt motor (peak 1000 watts) delivers best in class acceleration and hill climbing. The sensation of power it gives you is exhilarating.

About Pedego Electric Bikes:

They are a veteran and father-son local business that offers service after the sale on their full line of Pedego Electric Bikes. As an exclusive dealer in Pedego Electric Bikes, they have the largest selection of eBikes in Florida.

Donated by: Pedego Electric Bikes Boca
Unicorn Children's Foundation

Event to Support Unicorn Children's Foundation

Unicorn Children's Foundation is a 26 year old non-profit organization that is dedicated to building communities of acceptance, support, and opportunity for kids and young adults who are challenged by developmental or learning disabilities by supporting or developing its cradle to career pathways.  Our initiatives connect families to community resources, advocate for inclusive opportunities, respect differences, empower individuals, and support success.  With 1 in 6 children being diagnosed with a developmental or learning disorder, we believe it is our responsibility to create a world where all children’s potential can flourish.  To learn more about the Unicorn Children's Foundation visit Also available on Facebook and Twitter.

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