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Unicorn Face Masks

Unicorn Face Masks
#GetCaughtBeingKind and Show Your Smile!

Price: $15 per Mask

Stay safe and say "Cheese!" Make a difference in the lives of individuals with special needs who rely on facial expressions and lip reading to communicate.

Features Include:

*Will ship after Thursday, November 19, 2020. Limited supply. Secure yours now!
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$15 fee

1 Face Mask

Fogless, Washable, Reusable

Unicorn Children's Foundation
In Support of Unicorn Children's Foundation

Unicorn Children's Foundation is a 27 year old non-profit organization that is dedicated to building communities of acceptance, support, and opportunity for kids and young adults who are challenged by developmental differences by supporting or developing its cradle to career pathways.  Our initiatives connect families to community resources, advocate for inclusive opportunities, respect differences, empower individuals, and support success.  With 1 in 6 children being diagnosed with a developmental or learning disorder, we believe it is our responsibility to create a world where all children’s potential can flourish.  To learn more about the Unicorn Children's Foundation visit http://www.unicornchildrensfoundation.org. Also available on Facebook and Twitter.

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  2. Howard Blas
    Howard Blas gave a $15 donation
    great conference. thanks for telling us about the mask!
    over 1 year ago · Like
  3. Ellen Dreznin
    Ellen Dreznin gave a $15.94 donation
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  4. Sharon Alexander
    Sharon Alexander gave a $15 donation
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  5. Angela Fisher
    Angela Fisher gave a $30 donation
    over 1 year ago · Like
  6. Stephanie Soplop
    Stephanie Soplop gave a $62.87 donation
    Thank you for your ongoing efforts for inclusion!
    over 1 year ago · Like
  7. Kerri Morse
    Kerri Morse gave a $45 donation
    over 1 year ago · Like
  8. Early Start Autism
    Early Start Autism gave a $15 donation
    over 1 year ago · Like
Angela Fisher
Sharon Alexander
Ellen Dreznin
Stephanie Soplop
Kerri Morse, Ed.D.
Howard Blas
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